8 WaterFarms & Controller Kit



The success of the WaterFarm modules has prompted General Hydroponics to come up with a kit system. This system comes complete with 8 WaterFarm Modules and a Controller Unit. The WaterFarm is built with high-impact plastic to ensure a long life. The unique square design enables you to pack many WaterFarms together with close spacing for large installations. The WaterFarm will grow small, medium, and large plants up to tomato, cucumber and pepper size. The Controller Unit allows the WaterFarms to be interconnected together, while supplying fresh nutrient and water automatically to all the units. The Controller Unit can also be purchased separately. Kit includes: 8 Waterfarms with air pumps, reservoir, 8 gallon Controller with float valve, Tees, Elbows, and Blue Tubing



 Controller Unit

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Manufacturer General Hydroponics