Can-Filter Activated Carbon Air Filters

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Can-Filter Can 33 Carbon Filter
Can-Filter Can 66 Carbon Filter
Can-Filter Can 100 Carbon Filter
Can-Filter Can 150 Carbon Filter


PLEASE NOTE: Can Filters Series 100 and 150 can be shipped via truck only. 
Can-Filters 100 and 150 are above the size and/or weight restrictions of Fedex and UPS and will ship by the most economical common carrier to the truck terminal nearest you (for you to pick up there). Please call us for more information and a quote on your truck shipping.

Can-Filters has been manufacturing carbon air filters for over 15 years. With time comes experience and professionalism which has enabled the manufacture of a high quality, no maintenance, carbon air filter for the ultimate in air purification, particulate removal and extreme odor control, up to 99.5%.

If you've ever tried to garden with organic fertilizers in a greenhouse environment, or suffered through allergies due to pollen, you'll see why we offer these amazing filters.

All carbons are not the same. Can-Filters uses a custom specified Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon (CKV4) to insure longest possible performance. Whether utilized for commercial, industrial, or residential use, you can be sure that the proper carbon type, carbon weight, and bed width has been chosen for maximum effectiveness.

Can-Filters Activated Carbon Filters are constructed with a "packed bed" design to give consistent performance, long life (12 to 18 months), and are completely maintenance free. The packed bed design prevents the formation of preferential channels which can allow untreated air through the system. This unique design gives Can-Filters a larger surface area for significantly lowered pressure drops.

Can-Filters provide one of nature’s best odor control materials: activated carbon. This steam-activated carbon is selected as best for the job. Relative humidity must be controlled as more than 70% will lessen the ability of the carbon to absorb odors. Controlled grain size and a large surface area give full-rated airflow and virtually complete odor removal. Use approximately 150 to 200 true CFM per 1000 watts of light. Flanges are available for all Can-Filters, although on the Can 33 and above, you can optionally just set the fan on the top of the filter which will adequately pull air through. You can either release the filtered air into the room, or run the proper sized duct to exhaust the air from the area.


CAN 2600 5.5 x 18 Inches 4-Inch 9 Pounds 4-Inch Can-Fan
CAN 33 12 x 13 Inches 4 or 6-Inch 25.3 Pounds 6-Inch Can-Fan
6-Inch Can-Fan HO
4-Inch Can-Fan HO
CAN 100 16.5 x 39.4 Inches 8, 10 or 12-Inch 103 Pounds 8-Inch Can-Fan HO
8-Inch Max-Fan
10-Inch Can-Fan HO
10-Inch Max-Fan
12-Inch Can-Fan HO
12-Inch Max-Fan
14-Inch Max-Fan
CAN 150 16.5 x 56 Inches 10, 12 or 14-Inch 156 Pounds 10-Inch Max-Fan
12-Inch Can-Fan HO
12-Inch Max-Fan
14-Inch Max-Fan
16-Inch Max-Fan

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