Clonex Cloning Gel

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Dip cutting in gel to desired depth.  Insert cutting into rooting medium.  Mist cuttings and place in propagator or a warm, clean, moist and humid environment.  Look for root development in 1 - 2 weeks.

It may be used on all types of plant cuttings, including woody, herbaceous, and flowering ornamental species, vegetables, fruit trees and small fruits.


Clonex® Rooting Compound is a revolutionary rooting gel that will put rooting powders on the same shelf as eight-track cassette tapes.

Clonex® cloning gel provides everything necessary during the three stage rooting process to assure successful and rapid root development in cuttings from your favorite plants.

As the most popular form of plant propagation, taking tip cuttings allows you to duplicate landscape and garden plants as many times as you like at a fraction of their original cost.

Clonex® even works with difficult softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants and evergreens. They'll root faster and with a much higher success rate.

Clonex® Rooting Compound is a tenacious gel which remains in place around the cutting, unlike powders which fall or rub off when sticking.

In the first-stage of propagation, Clonex® provides a full complement of the essential hormones needed to rapidly initiate root cell formation. In this vital stage of root development, these hormones remain right where they are needed most, at the cut.

In the second-stage, to protect delicate new root tissues as they develop, Clonex® Rooting Compound provides a complex profile of vitamins that help the developing plant gain strength and vigor.

For the final stage of root development, Clonex® Rooting Compound is formulated with a full complement of mineral nutrients and trace elements to safely feed young, developing root systems.

Clonex® is unquestionably the most meticulously formulated rooting compound ever produced. 500% stronger than most powders. Concentrated. Simply dip your cutting in Clonex® to desired depth on stem, and insert into rooting medium. It's that simple! Available in 100ml and 250ml resealable bottles. Contains 3g/L Indole Butyric Acid.

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