EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pumps™

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EcoPlus Mag Premium Pump 500 gph
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EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pumps™


EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pumps™ are premium quality, fixed flow, multi-use water pump. These are high performance pumps with low power consumption and increased head pressure. They can be used as a submersible pump or in an external in-line use with vertical output water flow. These pumps are quiet and have reliable operation. Comes with a 15 foot 120V power cord. Includes the following attachments: 1 inlet screen with foam sediment pre-filter, 1 bottom draw adapter, 3 sizes of barbed out flow fittings and 2 sizes of barbed in flow fittings for optional external in-line operation. PUEP500, 748465 and PUEP900 have a garden hose out flow fitting as well. This is the industry's most complete and versatile fitting package ever included with a pump!

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