Flo-n-Gro Gro Momma Bubbler Bucket

Flo-n-Gro Gro Momma Bubbler Bucket


The Flo-n-Gro Gro Momma Bubbler Bucket includes everything a grower needs need to start growing big, beautiful plants. It's easy to add more Gro Momma Bubbler Buckets, which not only enables flexibility in the grow room design, it enlarges the overall reservoir capacity for all the plants, leading to less dramatic nutrient and ph level shifts. Super quick set-up and extremely easy to use. Made in the USA. One year manufacturers warranty.

Kit Includes:

  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • 8-Inch Diameter Mesh Bucket Topper
  • Hydroton Growing Media
  • EcoPlus Air Pump
  • 3/16-Inch Diameter Tubing
  • 4-Inch Air Stone
  • Expansion T Fitting with EZ Pull End Caps

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