Hydroponic Food Production

By Howard M Resh


This is one of the most concise textbooks on hydroponic food production available today. A well organized, encyclopedic reference work widely used by advanced home gardeners and by professional hydroponic growers alike. Technically comprehensive with 450 photos, tables, and detailed drawings on every form of hydroponics for temperate, tropical, or cold climates. Sixth Edition, hardcover, 567 total pages. Chapter headings include: - Plant Nutrition - The Nutrient Solution - The Medium - Water Culture - Nutrient Film Technique - Gravel culture - Sand Culture - Sawdust Culture - Rockwool Culture - Other Soiless Cultures - Tropical Hydroponics and Special Applications - Plant Culture Appendixes Include: Hydroponic & Soilless-Culture Societies, Greenhouse Production Resources, Units of Measurement & Conversion Factors, Physical Constants of Inorganic Compounds, and Greenhouse & Hydroponic Suppliers.

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