Grow trays for hydroponics enable subirrigation watering or catchment for drip systems, while keeping your garden clean. We offer a wide variety of trays in a plethora of sizes and colors.
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Hydroponics Grow Trays

$1.50 - $7.50
$1.50 - $7.50
$1.50 - $1.50
$1.50 - $1.50
3/4" barbed for ebb and flow fittings.
1/2" barbed for ebb and flow fittings.
Screen for ebb and flow fittings.

The Deep Water Raft is ideally suited for deep water culture, floating your plants to success. Sealed Surface Technology® Deep Water Raft resists water penetration, ensures durability and longevity, and gives growers a cost-effective system. The 2 x 4 foot rafts are paired with plug growing trays such as the Grodan 1" starter cubes or other solid growing media.

$60.05 - $147.50


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$5.19 - $5.95
Mondi Humidity Dome w/Adjustable Vents
Small Compact humidity dome
$1.25 - $1.70
Nursery flats and inserts for seed starting and cutting grow out.
Riser for ebb and flow fittings.
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12 Item(s)