Ice Box Heat Exchanger

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Ice Box 6" Heat Exchanger
Ice Box 8" Heat Exchanger
Ice Box 6" Wall Mount Bracket
Ice Box 8" Wall Mount Bracket


The Ice Box design consists of a copper heat exchanger with a molded plastic housing. One side of the housing is designed to slip over a duct flange and the other side is designed to attach to your existing air ducting to run to an inline fan. Cold water is circulated through the Ice Box, removing the heat from the air before it is put back into your room. A perfect way to keep that expensive Carbon Dioxide in your room.

To adequately cool the air flow from a 1000 watt bulb, the circulated water only needs to be 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature in your room. So if you want to maintain a room temperature of 75 degrees, your water temperature only needs to be 65 degrees for the air temperature entering the reflector to be the same as the air temperature exiting the reflector. To cool the water you would need to use a chiller with a minimum of 1/4 horsepower per 1000 watts of light. Yes, Chillers use energy but not as much energy as air conditioners. If additional cooling is needed for harsh environments, the Ice Box itself can be easily daisy-chained for maximum cooling power.

Available in 6" or 8" models. 

Wall Mount Bracket sold seperately.

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