Irrigation Line 1/2'' - Semi-Rigid

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1/2" Irrigation Line - Per foot
1/2" Irrigation Line - 50'


Above is a commonly used setup. Coming off the filter with 1/2" line (either soft or irrigation line), you would go to a 1/2" T. From there on, we recommend using 1/2" irrigation line because the soft line, while very flexible, is not compatible with inserting drippers. In a standard layout for setting up a drip system with 4 rows of plants, you would use 2 - 1/2" elbows, ending the row with 2 - 1/2" line ends. Use this example to determine how many feet of 1/2" irrigation line and 1/2" fittings to fit your layout. Remember: you need one main line to run between two rows of plants.

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