MyCO2 Mushroom Bag - Bloom

MyCO2 Mushroom Bag - Bloom


MyCO2, sometimes typed out My CO2, is a customer activated mushroom grow kit carbon dioxide generator, meaning the CO2 doesn’t start releasing until after it is activated by an end user! Not only does MyCO2 introduce serious quantities of CO2 into your growing environment, it also grows delicious Oyster mushrooms!

With a revolutionary difference: patent pending Customer Activation, MyCO2 has introduced the first product of its kind with a stable 4 month shelf life. The product comes with the live mushroom spawn separated from the sterile substrate with a reusable plastic clip. This is important because Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a byproduct of fungal decomposition. The transformation of carbon into CO2 gas happens within days of inoculation and continues until shortly after full colonization is reached. This is called the decomposition phase as the fungi is working hard decomposing the substrate, converting the carbon molecules within into carbon dioxide gas in the process. The relative aggressiveness of the species used determines how quickly this process happens. The faster it happens the higher the concentration of byproducts like CO2. That is why an aggressive species of Oyster Mushrooms is used for the Bloom box and a less aggressive Reishi Mushroom species in the Grow box so you can rest assured your plants are getting the CO2 they need, tailored to their specific state of growth.

For best results as a CO2 Bag / Carbon Dioxide generator use one MyCO2 per 4’x4′ area or one MyCO2 per light. The more you pack in an area the more CO2 you will realize. For plant safety and easy maintenance we encourage gardeners to use the box when hanging the bags above their garden, pulling the loose section of the bag out the trap door on the back of the box, suspending it above the garden with a rope ratchet connected to the box handle.

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