Wilt Pruf RTU Trigger Sprayer Quart

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When plants lose excessive moisture due to adverse environmental conditions, a plant can be stressed, experience shock, wilting, even death. Wilt-Pruf provides a very thin protective coating that holds in moisture on plant foliage and stems, substantially minimizing water loss when the plant is stressed. The Wilt-Pruf spray dries to form a clear, colorless and flexible film without preventing the natural growth of the plant nor materially affecting the plants' respiration, osmosis, or photosynthesis. Wilt-Pruf is naturally derived from the resin of the pine tree. Wilt-Pruf ready-to-use sprays are not harmed by freezing or thawing when stored. Wilt-Pruf is organic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-toxic.

Wilt-Pruf does not require registration with the EPA because they make no pesticidal claims and they also meet specifications with the FDA for use on edible crops. When Wilt-Pruf is sprayed on plant surfaces, the water in the spray evaporates, which leaves a soft, flexible film that degrades a single layer at a time when exposed to air and light. Only the surface layer is going through rapid polymerization It powders away in microscopic flakes which are either washed or blown away, as the rest of the layers go through the same process until the entire film is weathered away. This normally takes about two months under hot, summer conditions and about four months under cold weather conditions.

Wilt-Pruf will protect valuable shrubs including evergreens, rhododendrons, azaleas, hollies, boxwood, laurel, and many other ornamental plants. These broadleaf evergreens have a natural ability to survive when normal water intake through the root system is curtailed during the winter when the ground is frozen or during drought. But if the plants have been recently transplanted or if they are exposed to severe drying winds or severe drought situations, they may not have enough moisture built up in their foliage to survive long periods without absorbing water. Wilt-Pruf gives them enough added protection to see them through long or severe periods of water stress. Unsightly wind barriers may also be eliminated by protecting these plants with Wilt-Pruf.

For Christmas trees, wreaths, and greens spray as above. In all cases, Wilt-Pruf must be allowed to dry outdoors in daylight. Wilt-Pruf will turn a Blue Spruce tree temporarily green. Always follow label instructions.

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