Method Seven Operator LED

Premium growroom optics engineered to provide true-color and balanced light in the harshest conditions.


Method Seven glasses were developed so people who work under High Intensity Discharge (HID) such as High Pressure Sodium and LED can protect their eyes and see natural colors. HID lights are the most efficient and powerful light sources on the market for growing indoor plants. However, because these lights make everything look off color, it is nearly impossible to evaluate the well being of plants when viewed under this lighting. Using Method Seven lenses you can see the natural colors of plants being grown under HID Lighting conditions. 

Operator HPS Plus+
Method Seven HPS lenses are manufactured  by Carl Zeiss using our unique lens technology to provide exceptional color balancing. These lenses are unbreakable, distortion free, and offer the best possible clarity, resolution and quality of any synthetic lens. Available either uncoated or silver coated (combining your indoor grow and outdoor lifestyle), 100% UV protection.Experience exceptional color balancing for HPS (high pressure sodium) lighting with our proprietary lenses manufactured for us to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. Our silver plus lens coating makes the Operator HPS Plus a good choice for outdoors too. 

Operator LED
The world's first glasses formulated to light balance for growing under the spectrum of LED grow lights. With exceptional clarity from high quality materials and manufacturing. Using nylon lenses, which provide the best absorption for this spectrum. Manufactured for Method Seven by Carl Zeiss using our unique lens technology. Available uncoated only. 100% UV protection. Like nothing else, the world's first optics optimized for LED lighting environments. Lenses manufactured to exacting standards and optical clarity by Carl Zeiss color balance the most popular commercial LED grow lights. Change the way you grow! Color, Clarity, and Protection benefit you and your plants. Uncoated only.  Operator LED are not optimized for outdor use.

Most important is the ability to see the natural colors of your plants. Monitor plant health, determine correctly the color of your plant leaves, spot pests, disease, rot, mildews, mineral deficiencies and excesses. The Rendition lens reveals color precisely enough to use a PH test strip while in the grow room. All without turning your HPS or LED lighting off or walking your plants, or your testing equipment into daylight.
Trust us, the Method Seven lens technology is like an oasis for your brain, a savior for your crop, your eyes, and protection for your investment. If you are not blown away by the experience, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Will Method Seven Glasses work outdoors?

Yes! You can wear your Method Seven's outdoors too! Method Seven Optical Technology blocks and completely protects your eyes from all harmful UVA/UVB light . Our glasses are appropriate to wear outdoors under any conditions which you choose. The lenses in The Operator HPS model glasses filter out less visible spectrum light than most medium and dark sunglass lenses which means they are a great choice for lower light conditions, like mountain biking in the fog, or skateboarding in the early morning, but they may not be your first choice for snowboarding on a sunny day when conditions are super bright.  Operator LED are not optimized or intended for outdoor activities.

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