FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Extra Strength Fertilizer

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Are you ready for fat blooms? FoxFarm's Tiger Bloom can make them burst. Tiger Bloom is a super potent and quick-acting fertilizer that is high in phosphorus with just the right amount of nitrogen added to promote healthy, vigorous flower and fruit development. The low pH keeps nutrients stable which insures that the micro-nutrients will be available when plants need them. In addition to containing crucial trace elements, FoxFarm incorporates earthworm castings and kelp meal in their liquid fertilizers to ensure a biologically active plant food.

Use FoxFarm's Tiger Bloom at the first sign of blooms using between 2 and 3 teaspoons per gallon of water. Tiger Bloom can also be used to foliar feed plants; simply liberally apply to both the tops and bottoms of leaves first thing in the morning. To extend the flowering and fruiting cycle, supplement with FoxFarm Big Bloom liquid fertilizer later in the season. While FoxFarm Tiger Bloom is rich in organics, it is organic-based and does contain mineral fertilizers.

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